What Are Some Signs of a Neck Injury?


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Some signs of neck injury include pain, stiffness of the neck, headaches and spasms of the muscles. Neck injuries are quite common and can affect anyone regardless of age or gender, notes Healthgrades.

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What Are Some Signs of a Neck Injury?
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Neck injury can refer to any form of damage caused by trauma to the muscles, bones, joints, tendons and ligaments that make up the structure of the neck. Falls, car accidents, collisions during sporting activities and various other incidents may cause neck injury, according to MedlinePlus.

When individuals suffer a neck injury, the most common sign is a painful sensation. This could be mild or severe depending on the exact location of the injury and the severity of the injury. These individuals may experience difficulty moving their necks because the movement may worsen their pain.

Injury that affects the muscles or bones of the neck are commonly characterized by stiffness. This basically means the individual is unable to move the neck. In some cases of neck injury, pain may be radiated in other parts of the body including the shoulders or head.

To diagnose a neck injury, doctors often carry out a physical exam. To establish the extent of injury, an imaging test may be ordered. Mild cases of neck injury can often be treated by placing ice packs to the areas affected and taking over-the-counter painkillers. Severe cases of neck injury may require immobilization or surgery.

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