What Are Some Signs of Mild Autism?


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While "mild autism" covers a wide spectrum, some possible signs would include having advanced academic skills but delayed social skills, notes About.com. Another sign might be having difficulty with communication, but skill at organization. Because people with mild autism often receive minimal intervention, their difficulties can be severe.

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What Are Some Signs of Mild Autism?
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One example of a mildly autistic person could be someone with significant academic achievement who knows multiple languages, notes About.com. However, when the neighbor in the next apartment turns on his blender, the noise comes right through the wall and annoys him considerably. Another mild autistic person might be able to handle basic conversations and have a generally friendly demeanor.

According to the DSM-5 autism diagnostic criteria, three different functional levels exist to describe autism, states About.com. Mild autism is generally classified at Level 1, which means that they only need a small amount of support to conduct a regular life. However, the real amount of support that they need could be higher. Someone who has difficulty reading nonverbal language or organizing himself may need a considerable amount of help. He could have a difficult time forming lasting relationships and maintaining a productive workplace. Mild autism can take on a wide variety of descriptions.

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