What Are the Signs That You Have Met Your Twin Flame?


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Meeting one’s twin flame is a moment of instant unity that brings up memories of eternal connection, according to spiritual author Adriane Green. She explains that the meeting of twin souls is marked with intuitive knowledge, shared dreams, synchrony and magical happenings. She argues that mysterious messages confirm the twin-flame connection.

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Daniel Branch of Daniel’s Personal Development Blog presents a list of signs that can be used to identify a twin flame. According to him, similarities with birth dates, shared views and beliefs of the world, and similar background stories might signal a twin-flame connection. He goes on to describe a relationship where the two complement each other’s abilities, feel like they have met before and at times feel like the other person is too perfect to be real. He also notes that one might have dreamed about meeting their twin flame before they come into their life.

Devine Miracles describes meeting a twin flame as a feeling of complete unity. According to its website, when one meets this other half of their soul, they know it without a doubt. They go on to describe it as a homecoming dance for the souls that elevates the energy levels, feelings and thinking processes of the pair involved.

However, it should be noted that the twin-flame theory has its critics. Charis Melina Brown of Chakra Center calls the concept of twin flames a rebranding of the concept of soul mates and problematic in itself. According to her, twin flames are described as two halves of the same soul residing in different bodies. She questions the theory and the notion that the conscious evolution of a person would be dependent on an external being.

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