What Are Some Signs That a Man Is Interested in You?

Signs that a man is romantically interested in someone include the man making eye contact with the person and looking at the person when he thinks that she or he is not paying enough attention to notice. It is especially likely that a man is interested in someone if this kind of gazing happens repeatedly.

Another sign that a man is interested in another person is if he asks the person a lot of questions. If a man is interested in someone, he likely wants to talk to that person as much as possible. An interested man asks as many questions as possible in an attempt to keep the conversation rolling. The man also likely shows his interest by planning occasions to socialize with his romantic interest, such as going places where the romantic interest frequents or attending parties that person attends.

A man who is interested in another person spends time and energy on the things that his romantic interest enjoys. If his prospective romantic partner likes movies, the man watches movies rather than football. The man looks for signs of compatibility and common interests. A man also typically shows his interest in a romantic partner with his body language by leaning in to speak to the person. Body language that indicates romantic interest also includes opening up the arms towards the romantic interest or nervously playing with a button or tie while speaking to the person. Additionally, requesting to follow a person on social media might be a sign that the man wants to connect with the person in a personal way.