What Are Some Signs That a Man Is Cheating on You?


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Some signs that a man is cheating include the man paying extra attention to his partner or buying the partner more gifts than he usually buys his partner. Alternatively, if a man suddenly becomes negative about the relationship or makes comments about the relationship ending, it might be a sign that the man is cheating.

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Because the man might originally feel guilty about his behavior, if a spouse pays extra attention to his partner or buys the partner an unusual amount or quality of gifts, it might be a sign that the man is unfaithful. On the other hand, if a man quickly loses interest in a partner or relationship for no apparent reason, this change in behavior might signal infidelity.

If the man's cell phone dies more often than usual, it could be a sign that he is cheating on his partner. It also could be suspicious if the man takes his cell phone with him when he goes to the bathroom or if the man otherwise tries to take care that his partner never accesses his phone. Traditional signs of cheating include unusual perfume smells, foreign lipstick spots on clothes or new undergarments. Additionally, a man might try to hide infidelity by claiming to suddenly work late or needing to travel out of town for work assignments. Frequent calls from a number that is not a contact in his phone might also be a sign that a man is cheating.

Sometimes a cheating man projects his guilt by accusing his partner of cheating even though he lacks any evidence. The man might become moody and react in a hostile manner to any routine confusion or relationship conflict. He might begin to pick fights for no apparent reason or become hostile and angry at the suggestion he is unfaithful.

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