What Are Some Signs That a Man Is Attracted to You?

Smiling, raising eyebrows and making physical contact are all signs of male attraction. Some men stick their chests out when they are around people they find attractive. A man may stand too close to you or fidget when he is around you because he is nervous.

If a man finds himself attracted to you, he usually makes eye contact, and his pupils may dilate, which is an indicator of serious attraction. Staring at you when he thinks you are not looking at him is another sign of attraction.

He may make excuses to see you, so running into the man constantly is another sign of interest. He may take special care with his physical appearance in an attempt to make a good impression, including dressing nicely or wearing cologne in an attempt to get your attention.

When a man is attracted to you, he may show an interest in your love life. He may inquire about your status to see if you are single or taken. If you are not single, he may ask often about your partner because he is a bit jealous.

A man’s nonverbal cues also show his attraction. Standing with his feet pointing towards your feet while the two of you talk is a sign of attraction. He may unconsciously exhibit mimicking behaviors, synchronizing his movements with yours.