What Are the Signs of Lung Cancer?


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Signs of lung cancer in the chest include intense coughing, shortness of breath, coughing up blood and alterations in the voice, according to CancerCare. Symptoms that may show up at other places in the body include muscle wasting, unexplained weight loss, memory loss and unexplained fractures.

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What Are the Signs of Lung Cancer?
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Many of the symptoms of lung cancer are also potential signs of other conditions, including bronchitis. However, suffering from some or all of these symptoms for an extended period of time means that it's time to visit a doctor. The symptoms of lung cancer develop over the course of years, and in many cases, diagnosis does not take place until the case is advanced and no treatments are possible, as stated by CancerCare.

In addition to the symptoms listed above, an alteration in sputum volume and color, harsh noises during breathing, and chronic pneumonia or bronchitis are other potential signs of lung cancer. An unsteady gait, swelling in the face or neck, blood clotting, and excessive bleeding are also possible signs. In order for the doctor to diagnose lung cancer, he must look at a small tissue sample beneath a microscope. This process is known as a biopsy, which not only determines whether cancer is present but also the type of cancer that has afflicted a particular patient, reports CancerCare.

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