What Are Some Signs of Low Testosterone in Men?


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Signs of low testosterone in men include low fertility, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, sparse facial or body hair, and growth of breast tissue, according to Everyday Health. Men with low testosterone may experience low semen volume, increased body fat, reduced bone mass and fatigue, reports Healthline.

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What Are Some Signs of Low Testosterone in Men?
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Men with low testosterone suffer from low sex drive and erectile dysfunction, says WebMD. Testosterone is essential for a normal functioning libido and in stimulating an erection in men, notes Healthline. A drastic reduction in the level of testosterone can decline the desire to have sex. When testosterone levels are abnormally low, a man can either experience spontaneous erections or fail to achieve an erection during sex.

Men with low testosterone level produce low semen volume since the hormone is essential for the production of semen, expresses Healthline. Men with more testosterone produce more semen; those with low testosterone experience a decrease in semen, reducing the overall sperm volume produced during ejaculation.

Low testosterone in men can result in a feeling of fatigue characterized by a noticeable reduction in energy levels, according to Healthline. Affected men may feel tired all the time and have difficulty getting motivated to exercise or work, despite getting enough rest and sleep.

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