What Are Some Signs of Internal Bleeding?

Some signs of internal bleeding including blood stains in the stool, shortness of breath, fatigue and blood stains in vomit. Internal bleeding is a loss of blood within the body, notes Healthgrades.

Internal bleeding may be caused by a number of issues including car accidents, forceful impacts during sporting activities, weight falling on a given part of the body, fractures and pregnancy. Bleeding while pregnant is not normal and should be reported to the doctor immediately, notes MedicineNet.

Individuals who develop internal bleeding may have various signs and symptoms depending on the part of the body affected and the severity of the injury. With slow internal bleeding, the individual may not notice any signs in the initial stages. After some time, tiredness and shortness of breath come in. The skin may sometimes become pale.

p>In severe cases of internal bleeding, blood stains may appear when an individual vomits, passes stool or urinates. Other symptoms of internal bleeding include rapid swelling, painful sensations in areas affected, chest pain, rapid heart rate and profuse sweating.

In diagnosis, doctors will initially take the patient's history before proceeding to physically examine the area affected. Certain lab and imaging tests may be used to ascertain the condition. Identification of cause, location and management of internal bleeding is the goal of treatment.