What Signs Indicate Potential Viral Thyroiditis?


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Viral thyroiditis, which is also called subacute thyroiditis, can present initial symptoms like pain in the neck area, inflammation of the thyroid gland, fatigue and fever, relates the National Institutes of Health. This condition can lead to the secretion of excess thyroid hormone that causes hyperthyroidism, explains the University of Michigan Department of Surgery. Hypothyroidism can have symptoms that include weight loss, heart palpitations and diarrhea.

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Subacute thyroiditis is a condition that can manifest after a person has a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract. In addition to the initial and hyperthyroidism symptoms that occur in people with this condition, there also are others that can present, and theyare associated with hypothyroidism. The University of Michigan Department of Surgeryexplains that once the viral infection goes away and the thyroid gland becomes normal again, the gland may not produce enough hormone, leading to hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism also has symptoms like feeling cold and very tired, relates the National Institutes of Health.

The treatment option for subacute thyroiditis can depend on the symptomsthat the person presents. If he has symptoms like pain and thyroid inflammation, then an anti-inflammatory medication may be prescribed by a doctor, reports the American Thyroid Association. Symptoms of hyperthyroidism may require beta-blockers, the American Thyroid Association that it can take between 12 and 18 months for subacute thyroiditis to be resolved in most patients.

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