What Are Some Signs Your Husband Might Be Unfaithful?

Signs a husband is being unfaithful could include frequently working longer hours or coming home from work only long enough to sleep. A cheating husband might set up a private email account or change his password without telling his mate. He might use dating or social applications on his cellphone and keep his phone nearby and out of reach of his wife, according to Professional Counselling.

Unfaithful husbands might frequently leave the house without explanation or with seemingly ordinary reasons, such as going to the grocery store, exercising at the gym or running errands. A cheating husband likely withdraws from his mate and physically turns his back on her when asked an uncomfortable question.

If a husband is caught being unfaithful to his mate, reasons he might give for cheating include feeling neglected in the relationship. He could feel like his mate's attention was focused on other tasks such as raising the children or working long hours. Other reasons include seeking revenge for a wife's past failings in the relationship or being lonely in a long distance relationship. The common thread of most excuses for cheating is the need for additional attention beyond what he is receiving in his relationship.