What Are Some Signs That Your Husband Might Be Cheating?


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Some signs that a husband may be cheating include making private calls, deleting text messages, changing appearance or attitude, and spending more time away from home. While these are not definitive signs of cheating, a combination of these behaviors may indicate that a partner is being unfaithful.

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A husband’s behavior on his cellphone can often indicate that he may be cheating. It’s not uncommon to head into another room to take a phone call, but if he seems to be ducking out more to make or receive calls in private, this may indicate that he is trying to hide the caller’s identity. Frequently clearing out text messages is another common indication that a husband is trying to hide a relationship.

Changes in appearance or attitude may also be an indication of cheating. If a husband is suddenly putting more effort into his appearance or keeping his car cleaner, these may be signs that he is trying to impress someone new. Changes in attitude can be more varied but can range from acting happier and more enthusiastic to angrier and more likely to pick fights. Any dramatic changes in general attitude or demeanor may indicate cheating.

Spending more time away from the home and offering up frequent excuses for leaving are other common signs of cheating. For example, a husband who previously hated company parties may now find reasons to attend them, or he may find greater interest in daily visits to the gym.

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