What Are Some Signs That Your Husband May Be Committing Adultery?


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Signs that your husband is committing adultery include sudden changes in his grooming or appearance, secrecy, unexplained spending, and losing interest in the marriage or family activities. Another sign of infidelity is a sudden need for more time alone or away from the home.

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If a husband begins mentioning another woman a lot in conversation, he may be attracted to her. A sudden change in a husband's grooming or hygiene habits, or an unexpected interest in fitness, might indicate that he's trying to attract the attention of another woman. A new wardrobe might mean he's begun dressing to her preferences or is trying to appear younger.

Secrecy is a common sign of adultery. Be wary of secretive behaviors, such as changing shared passwords, or guarding his phone or email communication. Unexplained changes in his routine, such as disappearing for lengths of time with no communication, or constantly texting someone new, are red flags that he may be having an affair. Unexplained charges on a credit card or missing money from a joint bank account can also be a sign of adultery.

Another sign of adultery is a loss of interest in intimacy, in the marriage or in the family. An adulterer might seem constantly distracted and may no longer wish to take family trips or make plans for the future.

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