What Are the Signs of a Heart Attack in Women?


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According to Mayo Clinic, women often have different symptoms than men when experiencing a heart attack. Women are more likely than men to experience pain originating from somewhere other than the chest. Some of those places of discomfort or pain include the neck, jaw, shoulder, upper back or abdomen.

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What Are the Signs of a Heart Attack in Women?
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Women may also experience shortness of breath, pain in the right arm, dizziness, nausea or perspiration when suffering a heart attack, according to Mayo Clinic. Although a tight feeling in the chest is more common in men having a heart attack, women can experience this symptom, as well. Women often have heart attacks when they are resting or during times of extreme emotional stress. Heart attacks in women also differ from their male counterparts in that women often experience blockages in the smaller arteries that provide a pathway to the heart, whereas men experience blockages in the heart's major arteries.

Women sometimes delay going to the emergency room when experiencing a heart attack because they are either unfamiliar with the symptoms or they downplay the situation, states Mayo Clinic. Sometimes, the heart attack does not feel like severe pain but rather an uncomfortable pressure felt in the chest. However, delaying treatment can result in more severe damage to the heart for both men and women.

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