What Are Some Signs of a Healthy Relationship?

What Are Some Signs of a Healthy Relationship?

Signs of a healthy relationship include making the relationship a top priority, open and regular communication, emotional intimacy and spending quality time together. People in healthy committed relationships may be happier, live longer and accumulate more wealth.

A healthy relationship is one where both partners value the relationship more than hobbies, work and extended family. It is important for both partners to acknowledge that the relationship is a top priority and demonstrate this commitment in their daily interactions.

Communication is an essential part of a healthy relationship and both partners should feel free and safe to express frustrations, disappointments and concerns. Partners in a healthy relationship express their feelings directly but gently, without using manipulation or passive-aggressive behaviors.

People in healthy relationships are able to express their vulnerabilities and fears without fear of being demeaned or ashamed. Emotional intimacy also includes openness, transparency and a high level of trust. Ideally, each person should feel worthy, respected and accepted by his partner.

Finally, spending quality time together helps to nature a healthy relationship. Partners should prioritize spending time alone together even if they have children. They can use this time to share experiences and interests or to simply enjoy each other’s company. Spending quality time together should also include sharing each other's interests and sharing and developing common interests.