What Are Some Signs a Guy Likes You?


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Some signs that a guy likes you can include blushing, smiling, maintaining eye contact and his body standing closer to yours when you are together. A man may also try to make himself seem taller or bigger when he sees you.

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Many of the things that guys do when they like someone are subconsciously displayed in their body language, says Man Decoder. You can observe the guy's body language for things such as self-grooming, changes in behavior and changes in tone to determine if he likes you. He usually laughs at your jokes and looks for your reaction immediately after he tells a joke.

Men tend to have a more open posture when they are interacting with someone they like and avoid crossing their legs or arms. A man may also start mirroring body movements and gestures when he is talking to a person he likes. Another sign that a guy likes someone is if he always takes advantage of any opportunity for physical contact, such as arm patting or hugging.

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