What Are Signs of Fructose Intolerance?


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Some of the signs of fructose intolerance include excessive sleepiness, convulsions, jaundice, irritability and vomiting, according to MedlinePlus. People who have fructose intolerance also often experience these symptoms after eating foods with fructose and sucrose, including fruit. Most often, this condition occurs in babies who start eating solid food or formula.

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To diagnose fructose intolerance, a doctor may look for signs such as yellowing of the skin or enlargement of the spleen, explains MedlinePlus. Doctors also may perform a number of tests, such as those that check for blood clotting and blood sugar levels. The doctor may also look at enzymes in the blood, perform genetic testing and look at the function of the liver or kidneys. Doctors may also order a urinalysis or a liver biopsy.

The treatment of fructose intolerance includes removing sucrose and fructose from the diet, states MedlinePlus. A doctor may also treat the complications of fructose intolerance, such as lowering the amount of uric acid in the blood. By doing this, the patient is at lower risk of developing conditions such as gout.

The outlook following treatment is good for most people, especially those who have mild cases of the condition, as MedlinePlus claims. However, those with severe cases can develop serious liver disease, and even removing sucrose and fructose from the diet may not stop the disease from developing.

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