What Are Some Signs of a Fractured Hip?


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Signs of a fractured hip can include severe pain in the hip area, bruising, swelling, a need to turn the affected leg outward and an inability to put weight on the affected leg, according to Mayo Clinic. Other signs include an inability to move right after a fall and shortening of the leg.

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Hip fractures become more likely as a person ages, but they can occur in people of any age, states Mayo Clinic. In younger people, hip fractures generally occur because of trauma such as a car accident. In older people, hip fractures often occur from simple falls from standing. The hip can fracture from merely twisting a leg while standing if bone degeneration advances enough. Whatever the cause, hip fractures require surgery and months of rehabilitation to treat.

Surgery for hip fracture can either repair the existing hip bones or replace them with a prosthetic, explains Mayo Clinic. Repairing a hip joint requires installation of plates and screws to hold the bones in place for healing. Hip replacements can be either partial or total. Partial hip replacements usually only replace the head and neck of the femur, while total hip replacement also replaces the socket joint in the pelvis. The type of surgery depends on the nature of the injury and the overall health of the bones.

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