What Are the Signs That You Have Have a Foot Callus?


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The signs that a person has a foot callus are a rough patch of skin on the foot, a sore on the foot that appears to be surrounded by course skin or a hard bump of skin, according to the American Diabetes Association and WebMD. If the callus is not removed and treated, it can create infections and ulcers.

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Some people may also experience pain with their callus, though it is rare. It is more common for people to experience pain with corns on their feet, as stated by Mayo Clinic. Some people are also more prone to developing calluses than others, such as those who are overweight and put additional pressure on their feet or those with health conditions, such as diabetes. Calluses come in many different shapes and sizes but are usually found on the balls of the feet, the soles of the feet or the heels of the feet, reports the Mayo Clinic.

Once a person has a callus, it is best to visit a doctor and allow the doctor to cut the callus open, according to the American Diabetes Association. The doctor may also prescribe medication that can help eliminate the callus. A person should never attempt to cut the callus themselves. After the callus has been treated, it is recommended that the person begin using a pumice stone daily in order to keep the skin free from calluses.

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