What Are Some Signs of Finding a Soul Mate in a Relationship?


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In addition to being sexually attracted to one another, soul mates seem to know and understand each other on a level that transcends words. There is a special connection with a soul mate, and a feeling of being naturally “in sync."

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The perception of the soul mate is not new; in his “Symposium,” Plato describes people searching for their “other half,” after Zeus divided humans in two. These humans are only complete when those halves are finally reunited.

The idea that soul mates are two halves reunited still resonates today. Honesty and affection are concomitants of any healthy relationship, but soul mates experience them more intensely, at a seemingly unconscious level. Non-verbal communication seems effortless, as soul mates reveal a wealth of information and emotions to each other with simple glances or gestures.

Because of the unusually high level of trust between them, soul mates are unafraid to bare their truest selves, and wish as well to see the truest self of their beloved. It is difficult for soul mates to be closed off or unavailable to each other, as each knows and “reads” the other so well.

Soul mates seem to vibrate at the same frequency, with personalities, values and perspectives that naturally harmonize and complement each other. Together they become more than the sum of their respective parts.

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