What Are Signs of Female Attraction?

Signs of female attraction include laughing at jokes, asking personal questions and preening, according to TheArtOfCharm.com. In a study in the journal of Evolutionary Psychology, scientists discovered that women have become less perceptive to sexual interest, but men are hyper-perceptive. As such, women have developed more subtle ways of flirting than men.

“Preening” is a term used to describe the actions women take to make themselves more attractive when they are around guys they are interested in, such as fluffing their hair or putting on lipstick. Dr. Monica M. Moore wrote a study called “Nonverbal Courtship Patterns in Women” that states women subconsciously know there is something attractive about a woman fixing herself up.

Dr. Moore included laughing as one of the 52 body language signals that indicate a woman is attracted to someone. While some studies indicate that women really like guys who can make them laugh, women aren't always laughing because the guy they are talking to is funny. Sometimes, women laugh because they like the guy they are talking to.

Asking personal questions is an attraction sign that men often miss, according to TheArtOfCharm.com. These don't include the common questions that people ask under typical formalities. Instead, men should look for questions that show signs that a woman is trying to get a sense of who they really are or questions that are specifically tailored for them.