Are There Any Signs That You Are About to Experience Hot Flashes?


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Signs and symptoms indicating an upcoming hot flash include facial redness, sudden warmness of the skin, tingling in the fingers, faster heart beat than normal and perspiration, particularly in the upper torso, reports Healthline. Hot flashes involve warm sensations throughout the body, especially in the head and neck areas, and they occur from 30 seconds to several minutes, according to MedicineNet.

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Spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol and a hot environment are common triggers that lead to hot flashes, states Healthline. Stress, tight clothes, and smoking or exposure to cigarette smoke can also trigger hot flashes. To identify triggers, it's a good idea to write in a journal about particular foods, activities, clothing and environments associated with the occurrences of hot flashes.

To lessen the symptoms of a hot flash, doctors recommend drinking cold water during its onset, suggests Healthline. Additionally, a readily available ice pack is helpful, as are cotton night clothing and cotton bed linens; dress in layers to remove clothing when necessary.

Lifestyle changes to manage hot flashes involve avoiding smoking, starting an exercise regimen and eating balanced meals, advises Healthline. A treatment option for hot flashes is hormone replacement therapy, which reduces hot flashes and night sweats by balancing the body's estrogen levels through estrogen supplements. Other treatment options include nonhormonal medications, acupuncture and meditation.

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