What Are the Signs of Excessive Drinking?


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People who engage in excessive drinking exhibit unusual behavior that includes neglecting to eat, neglecting personal hygiene and an inability to control their alcohol intake, according to Healthline. Other signs include legal problems, gulp drinking, and failure to remember conversations and commitments they made while drunk, notes Mayo Clinic.

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What Are the Signs of Excessive Drinking?
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Signs of excessive drinking manifest in the physical behavior and outcomes that occur when a person has had ingested too much alcohol, explains Healthline. Individuals who drink excessively like to drink alone and have a high tolerance for alcohol, as they need a lot of it to feel its effects. Excessive alcoholism leads to memory lapses and tremors after drinking. A person trying to withdraw from alcoholism experiences vomiting, nausea and shaking. Excessive alcohol consumption can manifest in the form of illnesses such as liver cirrhosis and alcoholic ketoacidosis.

Increased negligence is another sign of excessive alcohol intake, notes Healthline. Alcoholics make excuses to drink and are unable to control their drinking, leading them to miss work or school. Alcoholics neglect their health by failing to eat or eating poorly. They sometimes neglect their personal hygiene. When a person is drunk, he can also have a smell of alcohol on his skin and breath, reports MedicineNet.

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