What Are the Signs of Dyslexia in Children?


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Symptoms of dyslexia in younger children include speech delays, pronunciation difficulties, problems with fine motor skills and handwriting, and difficulty rhyming words, according to WebMD. Symptoms in older children include trouble with school work, difficulty remembering numbers and trouble with spelling, writing and reading.

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Parents may notice dyslexia in children during the preschool years if the child learns new vocabulary slowly and finds it hard to play rhyming games, states Mayo Clinic. After the child joins school, he may find it difficult to read or process what he hears. Dyslexic children appear bright and intelligent, but they are unable to read, write or spell at their level.

School-going kids with dyslexia find it difficult to learn a foreign language or to see and hear the differences and similarities in words and letters, reports Mayo Clinic. Consistent reading and spelling errors include word reversals, letter reversals, inversions, substitutions and transpositions, explains WebMD.

As the child grows older, his reading level will be lower than his peers, notes WebMD. He may have a hard time learning prefixes and suffixes and have a problem remembering facts. Children with dyslexia have a problem with writing or their handwriting may be illegible. Their pencil grip may be tight, fist-like or awkward.

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