What Are the Signs of a Dog Bite Infection?


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According to Healthline, symptoms of an infected dog bite include swelling and tenderness of the affected area, swollen glands, pus formation, numbness around the bite mark, inflamed streaks surrounding the bite mark, fever and flu-like symptoms. Infections are caused by bacteria in the dog's mouth that enters the bloodstream when the skin is punctured. Severe symptoms of a dog bite infection can include breathing difficulty, weak muscles and shakiness.

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WebMD explains that infected dog bites may require antibiotic treatment, so it is always important for dog bite victims to consult with a physician if their injuries show potential signs of infection. Home treatments for dog bites include washing the affected area with soap and water and dressing the wound with a sterile bandage. Applying topical antibiotic cream to the affected area on a daily basis can also help to minimize the chance of infection.

American Family Physician explains that approximately 15 to 20 percent of dog bites develop infections. Puncture wounds are typically at higher risk of infection than superficial scratches. Infections are typically treated with a 14-day course of antibiotics. Antibiotics may also be prescribed to dog bite victims immediately following their injuries as a prophylactic measure to help minimize the chance of infection.

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