What Are Some Signs That Your Crush Likes You?

Signs that your crush likes you are that he goes out of his way to talk to you and makes eye contact with you. In addition, if he responds quickly to contact from you and treats you differently than other people, it might be a sign that he likes you.

A person with interest in someone else goes out of his way to find reasons to talk to her. An interested person responds positively to conversation or jokes, even if the jokes aren't funny. When a person is interested in someone, he openly shares personal thoughts and opinions with her, and he values her opinion in return.

Usually, if a person has an interest in someone else, he makes extended eye contact with the person. He also tries to find ways to initiate physical contact such as hugging. Holding around the waist is another positive sign of the person's interest.

In addition, an interested person responds to texts and phone calls from his romantic target right away. He doesn't not worry about waiting a certain number of days in order to play it cool. He wants to go places with his person of interest, even if those places are mundane.

Someone with sincere feelings for someone else always has time to spend with the person of interest. In addition, when a person has a sincere interest in someone, he treats the special person differently than he treats others. When the person receives gifts and attention that others do not receive, it's a sign of his specific affection for the person.