What Are Some Signs of a Controlling Husband?

Excessive jealousy and possessiveness, controlling what the wife does and where she goes, isolation from family and friends, and control of finances, transportation and communication are signs of a controlling husband. Constant criticism over little things, overt threats, making his love conditional and using guilt are additional signs of a controlling husband. Attempts of enacting domination and control over a partner are known as domestic abuse.

Although at the beginning of a relationship a husband's jealousy may seem like a sign of how much he loves his spouse, over time it can turn into possessiveness, competitiveness and paranoia. A controlling husband may feel he is entitled to knowing everything his spouse does. He may search through her phone and Internet history, therefore violating personal boundaries and showing a lack of trust in the relationship.

Isolation commonly occurs slowly over time, then increases. With this sign of controlling behavior, the husband is attempting to eliminate his spouse's support network so that he has the upper hand in the relationship. When the husband uses guilt, it makes the other spouse feel as if she has to do whatever is required to stop the feeling, resulting in giving up her power and opinions pertaining to the relationship.