What Are the Signs of Cheating in Marriage?

What Are the Signs of Cheating in Marriage?

Some behaviors that may indicate that a married person is cheating on his spouse include making phone calls in private, deleting his text history on his phone, and maintaining multiple e-mail and social media accounts. These behaviors indicate an active attempt to hide information about who he is communicating with from his partner.

Other signs of a married person committing infidelity are a drop in the amount of physical affection, a change in the emotional tone of the relationship or an increase in the number of fights between the married couple. Although these behaviors don’t necessarily guarantee that a person is cheating, they may indicate that a couple is growing apart, which often happens when one person is cheating.

Another sign of cheating in marriages is when a person suddenly makes drastic changes to his appearance. Examples include dressing differently or more provocatively, exercising a lot more, or spending significantly more time than usual on grooming, such as hair or makeup.

Cheating spouses may start spending an significant amount of time with new people and insist on helping them with favors or giving them gifts.

Perhaps one of the biggest red flags for cheating in a relationship occurs when the suspected spouse gets extremely angry and defensive when he is confronted about his suspicious behavior.