What Are Signs of Cancer in the Nose?


Signs of cancer in the nasal cavity or paranasal sinus include sinus congestion, frequent sinus headaches, facial pain or swelling, frequent tearing of the eyes and frequent sinus infections that are not alleviated by antibiotics, according to the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Patients may also have an impaired sense of smell.

Cancer of the nose can also cause swelling or pain that affects the ears, eyes or face, and some patients experience vision loss or bulging in one eye, notes ASCO. Patients may experience tooth pain or numbness as well as loosening of the teeth. A sore or lump in the nose that does not go away or a lump in the mouth, neck or face may signal cancer. Other symptoms include frequent nosebleeds, a persistent runny nose, weight loss, fatigue and difficulty opening the mouth.

Cancer of the nose commonly presents no symptoms and is only diagnosed in its later stages when the patient is receiving treatment for another condition, such as sinusitis, according to ASCO. Anyone who experiences symptoms of paranasal sinus or nasal cancer should make an immediate doctor's appointment to receive a thorough physical examination and rule out other causes. Tobacco and alcohol users should receive an annual physical examination even if they experience no symptoms.