What Are Some Signs of a Bruised Kidney?


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Signs of a bruised kidney include blood in the urine and abdominal pain in the flanks, according to Merck Manual. In some cases, the patient may experience external bruising, such as marks from a seat belt after a car crash. With minor bruising, seeing the blood requires the use of a microscope. More serious injuries to the kidneys can cause blood clots, blood loss, shock or death.

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Up to 90 percent of kidney injuries result from blunt force trauma, such as a car crash, assault or fall, reports Merck Manual. A Grade 1 kidney injury involves bruising without laceration of the kidney. Most Grade 1 injuries heal on their own without surgical intervention but require strict bed rest for the patient.

Kidney trauma may lead to complications, according to the Urology Care Foundation. Urinary leakage and delayed bleeding are the most common. Doctors choose an appropriate course of treatment based on the individual patient. Some patients develop abscesses that require draining with a tube or surgery. Significant kidney injuries can cause hypertension.

The prognosis for recovery from a kidney injury depend on both the severity of the injury and its cause, indicates MedlinePlus. In some cases, the kidney begins working correctly again; however, severe complications can require the eventual removal of the damaged kidney.

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