What Are Some Signs of Bowel Perforation?


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The signs of a perforated bowel include fever, severe stomach pains and swelling, and nausea and vomiting. In cases of bowel perforation, the abdomen is also hard and extremely tender when touched or pushed on, according to Healthline.

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If not treated immediately, a perforated bowel can cause an infection called "peritonitis." When this happens, other symptoms can include difficulty breathing, a rapid pulse, bloody stools or urine, and excessive tiredness, as explained by Healthline.

Individuals with perforated bowels often take antibiotics to either prevent or treat existing peritonitis. Often, patients must rest their bowels by not eating or drinking anything during a prescribed period while they receive intravenous nutrition. If the perforation or infection is severe, doctors perform surgery to repair or remove the affected bowel sections, according to Drugs.com.

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