What Are Some Signs of Alcoholism?


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Signs of alcoholism may include the inability to control alcohol consumption, the tendency to hide drinking or to drink alone and a strong urge to drink, as listed by Mayo Clinic. Alcoholics may also have built up a tolerance to alcohol, so that more is needed for the same effect.

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What Are Some Signs of Alcoholism?
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Alcoholic individuals may have blackouts in which they don't remember certain conversations or events, and they sometimes create rituals for drinking at a certain time and become upset when these rituals are disturbed, according to Mayo Clinic. They may also experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking, which may include nausea, shaking and sweating. Alcoholic individuals may stash alcohol in odd places, such as in the car or at the workplace. They sometimes drink excessively or become drunk to feel normal, and they often lose interest in things they once enjoyed.

It is not uncommon for alcoholic individuals to have legal, work-related and relational issues as a direct result of their drinking, as stated by Mayo Clinic. Even if persons do not exhibit all symptoms of alcoholism, they may be involved in a dangerous drinking pattern that can cause problems later on. Those who are worried about their drinking habits or believe their families are worried should talk with their doctors or visit a support group such as Alcoholics Anonymous for help.

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