What Are Some Signs of Alcohol Poisoning?


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Signs of alcohol poisoning include seizures, vomiting, slow breathing, confusion and low body temperature, according to the Mayo Clinic. Other symptoms include low body temperature, unconsciousness and pale skin, notes WebMD.

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What Are Some Signs of Alcohol Poisoning?
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When someone has taken alcohol and experiences slow breathing at less than eight breaths per minute, it could be a sign of alcohol poisoning, explains Healthline. Someone who has had alcohol poisoning can become unconscious to a point of being unable to wake up, posing an emergency situation. Alcohol poisoning can suppress the gag reflex of an intoxicated person. Someone vomiting while unconscious and lying on the back can experience choking, which can lead to death. The vomit can be inhaled into the lungs, inhibiting the breathing process.

Alcohol poisoning manifests where an individual who has been drinking has unusual breathing rhythm and is in a condition of stupor, says Medical News Today. Even though someone appears to be conscious, he is unresponsive. In severe cases of alcohol poisoning, breathing can stop completely, leading to a heart attack. Excessive vomiting associated with alcohol poisoning may lead to loss of too much fluid from the body, resulting in risk of brain damage. Extreme alcohol poisoning can also manifest in the form of seizures, coma and eventually death.

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