What Are the Signs of ADHD in a 15-Year-Old Boy?


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ADHD symptoms for inattention may be present in a child who is easily distracted; forgetful, even in daily activities; fails to give close attention to details; and makes careless mistakes, explains Healthline. ADHD symptoms for hyperactivity and impulsivity include excessive talking, squirming, fidgeting and inability to play quietly.

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To be diagnosed with ADHD, children up to age 16 must show six or more symptoms in inattention that are inappropriate for a child’s developmental level for at least six months, according to Healthline. Inattention behaviors include having trouble keeping attention on tasks or activities; ignoring a speaker, even when spoken to directly; inability to follow instructions or maintain focus; trouble with organization; and frequently losing vital things needed for tasks and activities.

Six or more symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity must also be present for at least six months for a diagnosis, notes Healthline. Disruptive and inappropriate behaviors include always being in motion; trouble waiting for a turn; running around or climbing in inappropriate situations; and intruding on and interrupting others. Additional criteria for diagnosis of ADHD require that several symptoms began showing before the age of 12; symptoms be present in more than one setting; symptoms interfere with a person’s functioning at school or work or impact ability to socialize with others; and symptoms not be explained by another condition, such as a psychotic disorder like a mood disorder or anxiety disorder.

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