What Are Some Signs of Adderall Abuse?


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Abuse of amphetamine, the active ingredient in Adderall, can cause tolerance, dependence and addiction, according to Drugs.com. Specific side effects of the drug include sleeplessness, loss of appetite and high blood pressure, as reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It is important to distinguish the difference between the effects of acute intoxication, chronic abuse and withdrawal. An abuser of Adderall may present different symptoms depending on how often he is using the drug.

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Someone who is intoxicated on Adderall may appear energetic and restless. His need for sleep may be decreased or eliminated entirely, and this effect is exploited by military pilots who need to stay awake for long flight missions, as reported by NBC.

Chronic abuse of Adderall can lead to malnutrition, weight loss and cardiovascular problems. Cessation of Adderall use causes withdrawal effects, leading the user to feel intense fatigue, hunger and depression, according to Healthline.

Due to the similarity in chemical structure between amphetamine and methamphetamine, the drugs share many of the same side effects and withdrawal symptoms, states the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Someone who is abusing these stimulant drugs may have patterns in his behavior marked by periods of extreme energy alternating with extreme fatigue.

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