What Does No Signal Mean on a Heart Monitor?


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No signal on a heart monitor when using a Wearlink transmitter may mean there is corrosive build-up inside the electrode belt and snaps, explains Polar. If a consumer sees corrosion and washes the transmitter belt but the problem continues, he may need to replace the battery or the electrode belt.

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For heart rate monitors like the CS500+, if the heart rate sensor is not flat against the consumer's skin with the logo upright, the sensor may not transmit the signal, notes Polar. Consumers must keep the sensor and textile strap clean, and the sensor and training computer must be compatible to send the signal properly. Transmitters like the Polar T31 may not operate if there is another sensor using the GymLink transmission within about a 3.3-foot radius. Using the products in or near water can also interrupt the signal.

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