How Do You Sign up for a Nexium Savings Card?


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To sign up for a Nexium savings card, submit the application including your name and email at PurplePill.com, according to AstraZeneca, the manufacturer of Nexium. If mail-order prescriptions are used, download the form and mail it with proof of purchase to receive a refund if the co-pay is over $15.

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Eligibility for the Nexium savings card is based on having commercial insurance that does not cover all of the cost of the prescription or not having insurance, notes AstraZeneca. Being enrolled in state or federally funded insurance programs disqualifies individuals from the savings card even if insurance is not used for the prescription. Patients are responsible for $15 for a 30-to-90-day supply with potential savings of $125, the amount of the cash rebate paying individuals receive. The offer expires Dec. 31, 2015.

Nexium is approved for the symptoms of acid reflux disease including heartburn at least twice a week despite dietary changes, explains AstraZeneca. Esophagitis due to stomach acid breaking down the esophagus lining is also treated with Nexium. Possible side effects of Nexium include diarrhea, headache and abdominal pain. With prolonged used, Nexium puts individuals at risk for bone fractures, low vitamin B12 and low magnesium levels. Tell a doctor about all medications and herbal supplements you are taking before starting Nexium. Nexium may decrease the effectiveness of other drugs and supplements just as other drugs and supplements may decrease the effectiveness of Nexium.

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