How Do You Sign up for MyFitnessPal?

MyFitnessPal allows users to sign up using an existing Facebook or email account. Enter a unique username, your email address and a password on to start using the fitness app.

MyFitnessPal is a website and integrated mobile app that allows users to track their daily weight, calorie intake and exercise. Users must be 18 years of age or older to create an account. Once you have entered your username, email and password, you may set up a fitness profile.

To set up a profile, enter your current weight, height, age and gender. You must also select a level of activity, from sedentary to very active. A person working at a full-time desk job should generally select sedentary or lightly active, while someone with a very physical job such as construction may select very active. Enter the number of times you plan on working out each week and the average duration of a workout.

Finally, select your weight goal. Users may opt to lose up to two pounds per week or gain up to one pound per week. You can also select the goal of maintaining your current weight. Once a weight goal has been selected, MyFitnessPal uses the information to calculate a daily calorie goal. Users can then edit the proportions of fat, carbohydrates and proteins their diet should contain.