How Do You Do a Side Plank?


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To do a side plank, balance yourself on your left elbow, elevating your body so that your legs and torso form a straight line coming up from the ground at an angle. Holding this position strengthens your core and leg muscles, reducing your susceptibility to pain in the lower back.

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  1. Prepare to perform the side plank on your left side

    Keep your knees straight, and face to the left as well. Use your forearm and left elbow to support your upper body, and push up until your elbow forms a right angle. Ensure that your elbow sits directly beneath your shoulder.

  2. Use your core and hips to hold your position

    Pull in your abs as you would if someone were about to hit you in the stomach. Elevate your hips so that your body makes a straight line from your shoulders down to your ankles. Keep your head in this line. Remain in this position for your chosen amount of time; 30 or 60 seconds is a good time for beginners.

  3. Switch sides and follow the same process

    Roll over to your right side, balancing on your right elbow and your feet. Check your right elbow to ensure it is at a right angle when you push yourself upward, keeping the elbow under your shoulder to avoid injury. Elevate the hips to form a straight line, and hold this position for the same amount of time you held the position on the left side.

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