What Are Some Side Effects of Xylitol Sweetener?


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Common side effects of xylitol in medicated form include loose bowel movement and abdominal gas, states WebMD. Xylitol in its pure form typically does not cause these digestive problems.

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Xylitol is a plant-based naturally occurring sugar alcohol derived from fruits and vegetables. This active ingredient is used as a sugar replacement for diabetics. Although some sugar substitutes trigger an increase in blood sugar levels that is comparable to a carbohydrate-rich food product, xylitol is known to cause very minimal elevations in blood sugar, according to Mercola.

A 50-gram daily intake of xylitol is likely safe for most adults and a 2-gram daily intake of a supplement containing xylitol is probably safe for children. Exceedingly high dosages should generally be avoided since there is an indication that chronic use of xylitol in high doses may result in tumor development, cautions WebMD.

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