What Are the Side Effects of X-Raying in Gamma Knife Surgery?


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Side effects of the X-rays in Gamma Knife surgery include fatigue, scalp problems and hair loss as well as swelling of the brain or nearby areas, according to Mayo Clinic. Unlike traditional neurosurgery, which triggers anesthesia, bleeding or infection, Gamma Knife surgery is less risky, because it involves no incisions.

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Headaches, nausea or vomiting may occur as a result of swelling in the brain or the surrounding areas. Anti-inflammatory medications may counter the effects of these symptoms. However, the damage of the brain or surrounding tissues as a result of the swelling may be delayed and trigger symptoms that resemble a stroke or recurrence of a tumor, notes Everyday Health. The surgery may also cause dizziness.

Gamma Knife radio-surgery may result in redness, irritation or sensitivity of the area where the radiation was focused, according to Mayo Clinic. A patient may feel tired after the first few weeks of the surgery. In rare occasions, the patient may have late side effects such as brain or neurological problems.

In addition to harming the brain, Gamma Knife surgery may also damage the eyes, nerves, bones and blood vessels, explains Drugs.com. The surgery can also result in life-threatening conditions, including blood clot in the leg or arm as well as seizures. Prior to undergoing the surgery, the patient should notify the doctor about his allergies or medicines that he might be taking in order to avoid problems.

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