What Are Some of the Side Effects of Wobenzym N?

Possible side effects of Wobenzym N include mild digestive problems, such as gas and diarrhea, as stated by Wobenzym N Canada. Users can minimize side effects by taking smaller doses of the supplement.

More than 200 clinical studies focusing on Wobenzym N since 1960 have support the supplement's safety and effectiveness as of 2015, according to the product's official website. More than 100 million people have consumed the supplement with no adverse effects.

The standard dosage for preventative measures is three tablets consumed two to three times per day on a somewhat empty stomach, as confirmed by Drugs.com. The supplement includes a combination of the antioxidant rutin and proteolytic enzymes to modulate the immune response.

Wobenzym N includes ingredients such as papaya, pineapple and trypsin, so users should consult a doctor before using the supplement if they are allergic to these or any other ingredients listed on the bottle, as confirmed by Wobenzym N Canada. Individuals should not take Wobenzym N if they are pregnant, are breastfeeding or have bleeding disorders, and they should not take it in combination with aspirin, anticoagulant drugs or antibiotics. Approximately 160 studies show that any excess enzymes ingested are not toxic and are simply excreted through bowel movements.