Are There Any Side Effects From Using CPAP Machine?


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Side effects of CPAP machines include feelings of claustrophobia, sinus congestion and excess nasal secretions, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Individuals may also experience skin irritation if the CPAP mask strap is adjusted too tightly.

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Additional side effects of CPAP machines include dry mouth, headaches upon waking and over-dryness of the nasal passages, explains CPAP.com. Dry mouth symptoms typically occur in individuals who sleep with their mouths open and can often be remedied with the implementation of a chin strap that helps to hold the jaw in a closed position during sleep. Headaches are often a result of sinus pressure caused by the CPAP machine and can often be relieved by medications and heated humidifiers. Over-dry nasal passages are commonly caused by the circulating air of the CPAP machine.

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