What Are Some Side Effects of Using Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss?


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No serious side effects have been reported from ingesting small amounts of apple cider vinegar on a regular basis, but WebMD notes insufficient evidence to prove any effectiveness for weight loss. Low potassium levels may occur when taken in doses larger than 8 ounces per day for extended periods of time.

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The process of making apple cider vinegar includes fermenting the juice that comes from crushed apples, states WebMD. Because of this, the juice contains such nutrients as B vitamins, vitamin C, many acids and an array of minerals.

The liquid may be used for cooking, but it is most often ingested for medicinal uses due to its ability to break down certain foods, claims WebMD. This may help individuals suffering from diabetes lower their blood sugar levels, and it may also help individuals suffering from obesity, osteoporosis and arthritis. Other medical issues reportedly helped by apple cider vinegar are leg cramps, stomach pain, bad cholesterol levels, sore throats and sinus troubles. As of 2015, evidence to support these claims is inconclusive.

Certain drug interactions must be monitored when apple cider vinegar is introduced to the diet, as suggested by WebMD. Due to the liquid's tendency to lower potassium and blood sugar levels, individuals taking medications that contain digoxin, insulin or diuretics are advised to monitor their body's reaction to apple cider vinegar.

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