What Are Some Side Effects of Thyroid Radiation?


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The side effects of thyroid radiation include fatigue, difficulty swallowing, mouth dryness and throat hoarseness, according to Everyday Health. Radioactive iodine therapy, which is a type of thyroid radiation, may result in neck inflammation, taste impairment and nausea accompanied with vomiting.

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Thyroid radiation is a method of treating thyroid cancer that involves destroying cancerous cells by use of high-energy X-rays, notes Everyday Health. It involves placing an X-ray-producing device inside the thyroid gland to destroy the cells, or destroying the cells with rays generated from an external machine. The procedure is applicable in cases where thyroid cancer affects other body tissues near the thyroid gland, in addition to attacking the gland itself. To ensure effective cancer treatment, a doctor may apply this procedure together with thyroid cancer surgery, which involves complete or partial removal of the thyroid gland.

Patients experiencing thyroid cancer treatment side effects including the effects of thyroid radiation should receive palliative care to enhance their life quality, advises Cancer.Net. Palliative care involves, among other things, proper relaxation, taking medications and making changes to the patient's dietary plan. To enhance effectiveness of palliative care in addressing the side effects of thyroid radiation, patients should receive immediate care as soon as the side effects appear.

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