What Are Some Side Effects of Taking Omeprazole Delayed-Release 40 Milligram Capsules?


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The common side effects of taking omeprazole delayed-release 40 milligram capsules include diarrhea, headache, stomach ache and constipation, reports Drugs.com. The effects diminish in the course of treatment as the body adjusts to medication. Uncommon side effects include skin rashes, dizziness, pins and needles, difficulty sleeping, and liver problems.

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Rare side effects include cloudy urine, recurrent mouth sores, an increased urge to urinate, joint pain and fever. Patients also may experience muscle cramps, irritations in the eyes, and skin redness or itching, according to Mayo Clinic. In some cases, patients associate the intake of omeprazole with an unusual feeling of fatigue, bruising, swelling of lips and blistering.

The capsules may cause a reduction of blood sodium, hair loss in some patients, swollen limbs and impotence in men, reports Drugs.com. Severely ill patients may experience depressive episodes or become aggressive.

The incidence of drowsiness, nausea, mood changes and an uneven heartbeat is unknown in people who take the capsules. In some cases, patients overdose on the capsules, leading to side effects such as increased sweating, blurred vision, mouth dryness and confusion among those with severe liver disease, notes Drugs.com. Seeking emergency medical attention in case of an omeprazole overdose facilitates the management of related side effects.

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