What Are the Side Effects of Taking Chia Seeds?


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Chia seeds are generally safe, but they may cause an increase in triglyceride levels in some people, explains WebMD. Taking large amounts of chia seeds may increase the risk of prostate cancer due to the seeds' high linolenic acid content.

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There has not been a lot of research done regarding the safety of chia seeds during pregnancy, so pregnant women are advised to avoid them, explains WebMD. The seeds' safety has been confirmed for periods of up to 12 weeks, but research has not investigated the safety of using chia seeds for longer periods of time.

Chia seeds are small seeds originally cultivated by the Aztecs, and today are used as a supplement to increase omega-3 fatty acid and fiber intake, explains WebMD. These seeds are often taken by patients hoping to reduce their risk of stroke and heart disease, since omega-3 fatty acids and fiber have been shown to decrease the risk of these ailments. Eating 37 grams per day of a particular kind of chia seed known as Salba has been shown to decrease blood pressure. However, not enough research has been done to confirm the best dose of chia seeds. Patients interested in taking this supplement are advised to seek the guidance of a physician in determining the proper dose.

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