What Are the Side Effects of Taking Alfuzosin?


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Although most people do not experience side effects when taking alfuzosin, they can include lightheadedness and dizziness, explains WebMD. Serious side effects of alfuzosin include fainting, chest pain, severe dizziness, a fast heartbeat and a prolonged or painful erection.

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Men who take afuzosin may want to take some precautions with this medication, claims WebMD. For instance, those who take alfuzosin may develop a condition that negatively affects the rhythm of the heart. This may result in an emergency situation, so men who take alfuzosin must seek emergency treatment if they have taken this medication and experienced serious side effects of the drug. Older men are more susceptible to these side effects.

Drug interactions also may become a concern for men who take alfuzosin, according to WebMD. Alpha blocker drugs often interact with alfuzosin, as do drugs that treat erectile dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension. When these drugs interact, men may experience fainting or dizziness due to low blood pressure.

Patients take alfuzosin by mouth once a day in most cases, states WebMD. It is best to take the medication with food, and if taken on an empty stomach, it may not work as it should. It is also important not to crush or chew alfuzosin, as it is an extended-release tablet.

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