What Are the Side Effects of Taking a 500 Milligram Dose of Slo-Niacin?


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The side effects of Slo-Niacin may occur at any dose and include headache, itching, sweating or chills, tingling, and flushing of the face or neck, according to WebMD. These side effects typically occur 20 minutes to four hours after taking Slo-Niacin. Heartburn, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are other side effects.

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To decrease the chance of developing side effects from Slo-Niacin, individuals should take the medication with food, and avoid consuming alcohol, hot beverages and spicy foods, notes WebMD. Taking a regular 325 milligram aspirin or a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, such as 200 milligrams of ibuprofen, 30 minutes before taking niacin may reduce flushing.

Serious side effects while taking Slo-Niacin include fainting, severe dizziness, abnormal heart rhythm, joint pain and swelling, states WebMD. Vision problems, yellowing of the skin or eyes, black stools, unusual bruising or bleeding, and muscle pain or weakness may also occur. Individuals experiencing any serious side effects should contact a doctor immediately. Although rare, symptoms of an allergic reaction to Slo-Niacin, such as rash, itching, trouble breathing and swelling of the face or throat, require emergency medical attention.

Doctors prescribe Slo-Niacin to prevent and treat niacin deficiency, improve cholesterol levels, and lower triglyceride levels, explains WebMD. Doctors usually prescribe niacin to improve cholesterol levels if other methods to lower cholesterol are unsuccessful.

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