What Are the Side Effects of Synthol Injections?


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According to a report published on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) website, the side effects of synthol injections are manifold, and some of them are muscle deformity and damage. Other serious complications of synthol injections are infections, damage to the heart and nerves, blockage of the main artery of the lungs, restriction of the heart muscles and stroke.

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NIH states that synthol is a substance used by bodybuilders as a temporary implant to bulk up their muscles. When synthol is injected, the muscle bulking is immediate. Synthol is made up of oil, benzyl alcohol and lidocain. The usual composition is 85 percent oil, 7.5 percent benzyl alcohol and 7.5 percent lidocain. The type of oil used is usually made from medium-length MTC chains because this oil gives the best bulking effects. The alcohol is used to sterilize the mixture, while lidocain is a painkiller.

The NIH website explains that the bulking of the small group of muscles after injection is purely cosmetic: the muscle volume is increased without an accompanying increase in muscle strength. According to NIH, what draws many body builders to synthol is the belief that it does not share the same damaging side effects as androgenic anabolic steroid hormones, which are also used in the bulking up of muscles.

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